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From:Janos Koppany Date:March 18 1999 4:40pm
Subject:MySQL 3.22.20 installation and my.cnf problems
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Subject: mysql starting problem

I work with NT-4.0 and have the following mysql version:
  mysql  Ver 9.31 Distrib 3.22.20, for Win95/Win98 (i586)

The installation of mysql copies everything into C:\mysql.
After the installation I tried to start mysqld.exe with the command
C:\mysql\bin\mysqld. After 20-30 seconds the process exists.
When I specify at least one switch (for example -T) the process
keeps running.

Does anybody know what the problem is ?

The second problem is that mysqld needs the option file in C:\my.cnf.
The documentation says that my.cnf could be in for example C:\mysql\data

too but this did not work for me.

Is there a solution that mysqld finds the my.cnf or (an other)
file at an other location ? The best would be if it would work even if
I moved c:\mysql for example to d:\db\mysql too.

Zsolt Koppany   zk@stripped
Intland GmbH
Phone: +49-711-7221873 Fax: +49-711-7221835

Michael Widenius wrote:

> Hi!
> MySQL 3.22.20 is now released for Win32 and Unix.
> This only includes minor changes when compared to MySQL 3.22.19.
> Changes in release 3.22.20
> --------------------------
> * Fixed `STD()' for big tables when result should be 0.
> * The update log didn't have newlines on some operating systems.
> * `INSERT DELAYED' had some garbage at end in the update log.
> + some small changes to make MySQL easier to compile on some operating systems.
> The MySQL-win32 windows version should be able to automaticly detect
> where it's installed.  This means that it's one can now move the MySQL
> distribution anywhere with a single copy statement without any
> changes in the C:\my.cnf file
> Regards,
> Monty
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