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From:Christian Mack Date:June 10 1999 6:03pm
Subject:Re: Java question: jdbc driver
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Steve Ruby wrote:
> Any one have any suggestions why I can't get the
> or twz1 jdbc drivers working. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong
> I am considering java as a replacement for my C++/mysql apps
> The following excerpt from my doGet or service (I've used both)
> in a java servlet always results in ClassNotFoundException
> This will always trip a ClassNotFoundException
> but .getMessage() returns null I am getting basically
> the same result with the driver
> what am I doing wrong? Claspath has twz1.jdbc.mysql.jdbcMysqlDriver
> in it because i can put that in import and on
> javac -verbose it appears to load
> Thanks
> Steve
> try {
>                         //Load the driver
>                         Class.forName("twz1.jdbc.mysql.jdbcMysqlDriver");
>                         //Get a Connection to the database
>                         con = DriverManager.getConnection (url, "root","");
>                         //Create a Statement object
>                         stmt = con.createStatement();

Hi Steve

Do you have the JDBC driver (or its jar file) in your servlet CLASSPATH (not just your
system CLASSPATH)?

It is safer not just to use Class.forName(...) instead use:
DriverManager.registerDriver( new twz1.jdbc.mysql.jdbcMysqlDriver() );
This is because of a race condition that sometimes prevent the DriverManager to recognize
the driver.

There is a java <-> mysql related mailinglist:


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