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From:Sasha Pachev Date:June 10 1999 10:39am
Subject:Re: Question about binary field types
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James Tyson wrote:
> I know the subject sounds wierd, but I wanted to know what would break if
> I were to try and insert some gzipped data into a table? or perhaps a GIF
> or JPEG?
> My thought was that I could just make sure I escape any special
> characters, and it should all work fine - however, I dont want to try it
> on our production database until I have been assured that it wont break
> anything.
> Thanks in advance
> James Tyson         --          System Administrator - The Internet Group.
>                                           cat /dev/random > /usr/bin/emacs

Nothing will break. MySQL can handle binary data just fine, as long as
you escape things properly. The recommended data type for that is BLOB.

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