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From:Jay Miller Date:June 10 1999 1:20pm
Subject:RE: Drumbeat 2000
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Does Halcyon iASP use ADO (ActiveX Data Objects)?  I would be very surprised
if it did.  I'm sure that the ASP pages created by Drumbeat use ADO for data
access.  If so, I'm sure they will only work on an NT system.  I don't know
a Linux compatable method of accessing a database from ASP.

I would be happy to learn that I am wrong about this, as we are trying to
get rid of NT as well, but I think I am right.

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> Subject: Drumbeat 2000
> Okay, I've seen a few people ask about this, and judging from the
> responses
> it's clear that most people don't really know what this product does.  I,
> too am trying to get this to work and I've reached the point where I'd
> really like to know if I'm just beating my head against a brick wall...
> Drumbeat 2000 is a Win32 RAD tool that creates database driven (through
> ODBC) ASP web pages.  It uses JScript or VBScript (your choice)
> to actually
> make the calls.  Of course, this works great on Wintel boxes with
> IIS, but I
> want to see this on my Linux server.
> I'm running Apache 1.3.3 and I've install Halcyon's iASP which
> supports ASP
> and VBScript.  I've installed MySQL on my Linux box and MyODBC on my NT
> development box.
> If I browse the created asp pages on my NT box (personal web server),
> everything works (included the ODBC calls across the network to the linux
> box).  If I publish to the linux box, the ASP pages display correctly, but
> any pages with database content crash out with object errors.
> I have tried, without success, to get iODBC/MyODBC installed on the Linux
> box.  The test programs in the SAMPLES dir do wierd things, so
> I'm not even
> sure if my installation is working properly.
> Questions:
> Is this likely to work or and I flogging a dead horse?
> Are there any clear examples/docs for getting iODBC/MyODBC working on a
> Linux box?  2.50.24 won't even compile for me.  The iODBC/MyODBC 2.50.22a
> compiles, but the samples crash...
> Help!  I'd really like to see this work...
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