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From:Philip Hallstrom Date:June 9 1999 10:22pm
Subject:Re: Searching on 15k text fields
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You might take a look at htdig.  It catalogues web pages, but it can be
configured to use the local filesystem.  There are a couple of articles
on how to do this with PHP/MySQL at

Basically you let htdig do all the work, parse the output, and
re-display it however you want.  You'd have to export your messages to
disk before cataloging though...


In article <19990609171525.A9898@stripped> you write:
>I am making a message board where people will post small
>approx 3-15k messages. I want to stay away from writing out the
>messages to disk and would like to put the posts into a table
>Is searching on text in text fields (i.e., message LIKE '%word%')
>efficient enough to be used in this way. A full-text search engine
>might be better, but I haven't come across any good ones yet. I'm
>thinking that since the messages are pretty small in size, I might
>be able to use mySQL for this.
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