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From:Victor Date:September 1 2000 10:07pm
Subject:Re: Solaris 8 and gcc
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This site has 2.95.2 package for every solaris 2.x version.
just do gunzip < GNUgcc_blahblah.tgz | tar xvf -
then just do pkgadd -d . GNUgcc

I used the package and built MySQL 2.23.22 without a problem. I haven't tried mySQL++
though (and I was using solaris 2.7).

André Schoorl wrote:

> I'm having a considerable trouble getting mySQL++ to work under Solaris 8.  I read in
> the README that gcc 2.95.2 has known problems with exceptions, so I tried egcs-20000306
> but still had no luck (both from  My program just aborts.
> I also just tried compiling gcc 2.95 (Jul. 29, 2000 release) myself, with
> --enable-threads and then passing -pthreads on the compiler command line, but I'm still
> not getting anywhere.  Does anyone know how to work around this, or know of a binary
> download available?  mySQL itself seems to be working OK.
> Thanks in advance.
> -- André

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