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From:Jerry Preeper Date:September 1 2000 6:21pm
Subject:RE: Email to MySQL
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Take a look at procmail.  I currently use it for spam filtering but it also
allows me to set "recipes" for processing that you can then send to a perl
script to do the insert.  Right now, I catch certain email TO's that I want
into a mysql database and it seems to work fine.  And once you have it in
the perl script, you can probably do whatever you want with it there...


At 08:42 PM 9/1/2000 +0800, eastnet@stripped wrote:
>At 02:05 PM 08/31/2000 -0400, Peter L. Berghold wrote:
>>> How to read incoming emails in a Linux system, after processing, into
>>> a MySQL database? 
>>Hmmm.... sounds like a wonderfull application to develop.  Sounds like a
>job for Perl using DBD::mysql, Net::POP, and other modules to process the
>incoming mail, reformat it, and put it into some tables.
>Thanks for your answer.
>Had hoped that someone perhaps had done it before me, preferably
>in PHP........
>Best regards
>Ola Svensson
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