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From:Kevin P. O'Brien Date:March 18 1999 2:49pm
Subject:Re: SV: Mysql-3_22_19b Install Trouble
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On Thu, 18 Mar 1999 11:43:58 +0100, Martin Edelius wrote:

>I'm not totally sure you can run it under 4.2, even though it compiles
>and installs properly. And If I remember correctly there was a problem
>with the 19 distr preventing it from running the install_db script
>properly. And since you managed that part properly that might be
>indicative of an error. 8)
>Have you considered upgrading to a later RH distr?
Actually, we are considering upgrading our servers, but it going to be a major task, being
as how we are a fairly active 

>And why do you start the mysqld manually, doesn't the script put the
>startup files in your init.d dir?
No, there are no files placed in the init.d directory from running the mysql_install_db
Not even when I have successfully installed 19b on one of our 5.2 Servers.

Could you tell me what the newest release version is that is known to run on RH4.2


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