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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 27 2000 10:09pm
Subject:Re: Security alert: phpmyadmin
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>>>>> "Van" == Van  <vanboers@stripped> writes:

Van> Michael Widenius wrote:
>> Hi!
>> It has come to our attention that to use phpmyadmin one should set
>> up MySQL to allow read on all columns in the mysql.user table.
>> This is however very dangerous as if one knows the context of the
>> password field in the above table, one can easily make a modified
>> client that uses this to connect to the MySQL server.
>> The encrypted password is the real password in MySQL;  The password is
>> only encrypted to not let one guess your real password;  It was
>> however never meant to be made readable to all!  Unfortunately we
Van> Monty:

Van> Thanks for the heads up.  Should it matter that someone could make a modified
Van> client for this user if the following are in place?

Van> 1.	Firewall on MySQL port to DENY all but trusted hosts;

Van> 2.	No grants for this user except localhost;

Van> 3.	Only grant is select on mysql.user for the user in PHPMyAdmin.

Van> I would think not, but, if you have additional concerns, I'd be interested in
Van> reviewing them.

Looks ok to me, assuming a user with the password for phpmyadmin can't
get access to the 'trusted' hosts and the normal phpmyadmin users is
someone you can trust.

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