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From:salora Date:August 27 2000 10:07pm
Subject:Select statement
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hey =)

  I'm having a little problem and I can't really figure out what's wrong

  I have a database with some literary information and what I want is a
search option.  This is what I tried:

  select ID from tabellen where G or H or I like "%hallo%";

  First problem :  is there a way to include all columns without listing
them all? (There are many more than just those 5)

  Second problem : I use the above select statement and got 112 as an

ID        G                  H                 I

112       1984- Entenquak    Orwell, George    England

well, there's nothing, that has 'hallo' in it .. so what is this about??

And if I search the whole database for  "%12352%" I get results, though
I'm SURE that there can't be anything like it in there . What am I doing

  thanks in advance for your help and time


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