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From:Mike Little Date:March 18 1999 2:19pm
Subject:Re: MySQL + sendmail
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> On Wed, 17 Mar 1999 15:56:06 +0200 (EET), Vladas Lapinskas wrote:
> >	I'm going to develop a web-based email system. The user
> >information will be in MySQL database. The question: how to make sendmail
> >to check if user exists in MySQL table? Have already somebody solved this
> >problem? Is there a patch for sendmail to authentificate against external
> >SQL database? May be other MTA, but sendmail if preferable.

Also, take a look at Hawkeye, this is an SMTP/POP3/SMTPRelay engine that uses
MySQL as a database. 

There is a link from the MySQL Website.

This package is also a Web server, FTP server, and has a Chat engine too. But you can 
choose which services you enable when you run it.

One point though, it stores the actual email bodies in files NOT in the database!
I have a set of modified sources which change this behaviour (it's a first pass for a
project that did not go any further, but it does work) if you want them (need to
check licensing issues first).


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