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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 9 1999 3:29pm
Subject:running the server
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>>>>> "Sandrine" == Sandrine Lanzone <lanzone@stripped>
> writes:

Sandrine> (beginner) 
Sandrine> How to do to launch the mysqld server by a non privilegied user...? 

Sandrine> i got the pre compiled version on hpux 
Sandrine> i can start the server as "root" (the server looks for /var/opt/mysql as
> datadir 
Sandrine> and 
Sandrine> /opt/mysql as basedir) 
Sandrine> so when i am root all is ok 

Sandrine> but as a X user i can't start the server since it looks for a protected 
Sandrine> directory.. 
Sandrine> but is it possible to run the mysqld server as a non "root" user? 
Sandrine> is it possible to change the datadir directory on the command line? 

Sandrine> i tried 
Sandrine> /opt/mysql/libexec/mysqld --basedir=/opt/mysql --datadir=$PWD/me 
Sandrine> but it dont runs 

Sandrine> thanks for help (or doc page) 

Yes, you can run mysqld as any users.

What error did you get for the last command ?

Try mysqld --help to find all options to set paths!

running the serverSandrine Lanzone9 Jun
  • running the serverMichael Widenius9 Jun