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From:Colin Faber Date:August 25 2000 12:11am
Subject:Re: Colin Fabers' LIMITing Results
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let me see what I can do, after that initial post I noticed a few errors
in it
Ill correct it and post a fully working example including all query/perl 
code needed to build your own paging system. The system that's in place
right now is really just for logic example only but hey, I guess people
are reading my work ;-)

*time to fix it*

Colin Faber

Dave Price wrote:
> I've recently installed the above script
> (
> The problem I'm having is that it is not returning any results. Only the
> text 'Pages: 12 next'. So it is matching but not fetching the results. If I
> remove the LIMIT syntax, it returns all matched results. This proves that
> I'm matching within the variable $list. And proves the problem is linked
> with the LIMIT syntax. Something else to note is that the 'next' link is
> always page=1. I would assume this should be the present page plus 1. The
> only global variables I have changed are $map and $list. Any help would be
> appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Dave Price.
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