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From:Alex Krohn Date:August 24 2000 1:49am
Subject:ANNOUNCE: MySQLMan 1.03 Available!
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Gossamer Threads has just released a significant upgrade to MySQLMan.

For those unfamiliar, MySQLMan is a web based front end to a mysql
database. It is similar in functionality to phpmyadmin, but is written
in Perl using html templates. It provides the ability to:

        - List, Create and Drop Databases
        - Browse, Search, Create, Alter and Drop tables.
        - SQL Monitor - either upload batch queries, enter in one or
        more sql statement, or read from file on server.
        - SQL Dump - dump table schema's, table data (very similar in 
        functionality to mysqldump) to either a file or to the screen.
        - Import data in delimited format from file upload or file on
        - Export data in delimited format to screen or file on server.
        - Table Management - add/modify/drop columns and keys.
        - Direct Connect to an individual database for easy integration
        to ISP's control panels (provide each user their own database
        - Works as CGI or under Apache::Registry in mod_perl.
        - Works on almost any o/s that you can get DBI and DBD::mysql.
        (tested on Linux, WinNT and Win98).

MySQLMan is easy to use, and comes with an extensive online help system. 

MySQLMan is free to download and use, but not redistributed.

You can try out a demo at:

and you can download the code at:

I'd love to hear any feedback (please email me directly as I am no
longer on the list). We are working on providing a web interface to the
user/permission management side of mysql, but that is a little ways off.



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ANNOUNCE: MySQLMan 1.03 Available!Alex Krohn24 Aug