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From:Faisal Nasim Date:June 9 1999 7:47am
Subject:Re: A quick PHP question
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>WHILE ($i < $number):
>        $date = mysql_result($result,$i,"name");
>        $info = mysql_result($result,$i,"number");
>        PRINT "<DT><B>$date</B><DD>$info<BR>";
>        PRINT "<BR>";
>        $i++;
>        ENDWHILE;
>I am new to PHP, I got that example from somewhere,
>but that example is limited to two fields only.
>Could you give me an example, so that it can fetch
>through all the results and list each comma separated
>each row in a new line.

A quick PHP questionFaisal Nasim9 Jun
Re: A quick PHP questionFaisal Nasim9 Jun