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From:BAUMEISTER Alexandre Date:August 18 2000 8:54am
Subject:When replicated query causes an error ...
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  There  is  something  that  in  my  opinion  can  be enhanced in the

  Have  installed Mysql-3.23.22-beta and enabled replication between 1
  master and 3 slaves.

  My  problem is when i issue a wrong query on the master (for example
  a  query  which complain about duplicated primary key), the query is
  replicated  on the slaves which on their own find the error and then
  ...  stop  to  replicate  ! Then next queries from the master are no
  more replicated.

  That's really not cool at all !

  A  solution  would be that if a query causes an error on the MASTER,
  then it shouldn't be recorded in the bin-logs ...

  The problem is for queries which modify many rows in a table (update
  query  for  example).  Then many queries on the MASTER could already
  have been updated before the error occurs ...

  Has  something  been done in the next release of Mysql about that or
  do  we  have  to  take  care of not running queries which cause some
  errors as soon as replication is enabled ?


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