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From:Colin McKinnon Date:March 18 1999 12:54pm
Subject:Re: inport in MySql from Access...
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At 13:21 18/03/99 +0100, "Myg International" <manuygen@stripped> wrote:
>we're very very newby... :)
>we've to establish a web site that uses a Linux server and MySql. We're
begin to migrating from Windoze to Linux but we think to prepare our data
base with Microsoft Access and later convert it in Mysql.
>The problems are... a lot!
>1) Is it possible?
>2) The conversion it's materially realized in our Windows system or in the
server's Linux system?
>3) There is a Faq about such problems?
>thanks in advance

1) Yes
2) Depends how you choose to do it
3) ? probably

When I've done this, it's been by:
1) create table / index structures in MySQL manually (using the same table
names - assuming of course that your table names don't have access specific
names e.g. ones including spaces)
2) attach tables to Access database via odbc using aliases (a_table ->
3) run update queries on the Access database to push the data into the
MySQL database
( 4) delete the original tables in Access then re-attach the MySQL tables
with their original names, thus allowing the data to be managed with Access)
Alternatively you could export the data to a text file and INSERT
INTO...FROM FILE... on the MySQL system into manually created tables.

There's also a MS-Access module available for download that will create and
populate the tables automatically. See the archive for more info.



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