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From:Paul DuBois Date:August 15 2000 4:15pm
Subject:Renaming MySQL -> MaxSQL; what are the benefits?
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Re: Renaming MySQL to MaxSQL

I guess I understand that it might be desirable to create a 
distinctive identity for the product, given that it's intended to go 
beyond what MySQL has thus far provided. However, after spending a 
few years establishing name identity for MySQL, why change the name 
now? I wonder about the motivation for (and the wisdom of) renaming 
MySQL to MaxSQL and am curious what this is intended to achieve.

I'm not sure how to think about this renaming, and I'm also not clear 
what the implications of the renaming are, although I have a few 

- It means that when you say "MaxSQL", you have to qualify that with 
"you know, the database that used to be called MySQL".
- When you say "MySQL", you have to qualify that with "you know, the 
database that now is called MaxSQL".
- For all previous written material about MySQL, it makes it 
confusing what that material refers to.

- Are the existing programs going to be renamed?  For example, are 
mysqld and mysqladmin now going to be called maxsqld and maxsqladmin? 
If not, then there appears to be a dichotomy between the "brand" name 
of the product MaxSQL and the programs associated with it. If the 
programs are renamed, existing scripts that refer to the old names 
will either break (bad), or have to be rewritten (also bad) or else 
the programs will have to exist under the new names with links to 
them under the old names (arguably bad, as this clutters up program 
directories needlessly and constitutes command namespace pollution)

- What about client API functions?  Are they going to be renamed from 
mysql_xxx() to maxsql_xxx()? If not, then again there is a dichotomy 
between the "brand" name of the product and the names used in the 
code that implements the product.

- It makes it hard to write about MySQL/MaxSQL in the future.  How do 
you refer to it and make it clear when something you write refers to 
both MySQL and MaxSQL? It's also not so good that now when you want 
to refer users to written documentation, you'll have to refer people 
to books of which *none* now has the name of the product in the title.

In short, I'm thinking that this renaming causes a massive headache 
for all the people who have built up programs or documentation around 
MySQL because it all becomes inaccurate and has to be changed to be 
accurate once again.

Remember the recent problems introduced by reorganizing the MySQL Web 
site? That at least was something for which you could straighten out 
problems as they were reported, because the Web site is under the 
control of the MySQL organization. Renaming MySQL to MaxSQL will, I 
suspect, cause a lot of questions about things you _can't_ control - 
external programs and documentation which goes out of sync with the 
official distribution.

It looks to me like the renaming will cause more problems than benefits?

A minor point:
How is the new name pronounced, anyway?  Max-sequel, or Max-S-Q-L?

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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