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From:Dan Nelson Date:August 14 2000 4:43pm
Subject:Re: MySQL 3.22.32 on freeBSD 4.0
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In the last episode (Aug 14), Adam Cantrell said:
> Installing from source using
> configure --use-low-memory --prefix=/usr/local/mysql
> which runs through fine, but when I type 'make' it get's up to
> and bombs out after chugging on it for > 5 minutes.  Hmm
> - the system should be able to handle it especially seeing as I'm
> using the --use-low-memory option which is explicitly suggested for
> this error on this particular file (
> internal compiler error : program cc1plus got fatal signal 9
> the only thing different from the error that the manual says happens most
> frequently is that my error is 9, and the manual says it will be 11.

signal 9 is SIGKILL, which means either the kernel or another process
killed the compiler.  Check your shell's resource limits and make sure
your 'datasize' limit is at least 256MB ("ulimit -d unlimited" usually

	Dan Nelson
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