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From:Vivek Khera Date:June 8 1999 4:07pm
Subject:Re: Problem on BSDI ... please help ASAP
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>>>>> "FN" == Faisal Nasim <swiftkid@stripped> writes:

You did not do a proper "make install" of DBI.  You had an old version 
which is still there and is interfering with the new version, which
was apparently not properly linstalled.

On BSDI systems, you should use gmake when building Perl modules.
That ususally gets it done right.

FN> I have installed DBI 1.08, Msql ... tried 3 versions, DBD::CSV works fine!
FN> Mysql server is running right. What can be wrong? The error is as follows:

FN> install_driver(mysql) failed: DBI/DBD internal version mismatch (DBI is
FN> v94/s108
FN> , DBD mysql.xsi expected v93/s108) you probably need to rebuild the DBD
FN> driver (
FN> or possibly the DBI)

FN> I am trying that via telnet on a BSD/OS system (3.0)

FN> Thank you.

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Problem on BSDI ... please help ASAPFaisal Nasim8 Jun
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