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From:John Foley Date:August 11 2000 5:54pm
Subject:RE: Access 97 to MySQL on Solaris
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	I do a bunch of Access 97 / Solaris MySQL . . . BUT the problem you
are having is one of simple permissions. 
	Look up "GRANT" syntax in the manual in order to add permission to
the user, host, and database (this should be a single GRANT statement). 
	The host in question is the NT4 client, not the Solaris server.

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> Subject:	Access 97 to MySQL on Solaris
> Hi,
> I'm sure this has been dealt with before, but I'm new to MySQL and I have
> a
> requirement to design reports using Access as the frontend and MySQL at
> the
> backend.
> I am running Access under NT 4 with the myODBC driver installed (version
> MySQL sits on a Solaris box and I have the server's IP
> address
> and database name set correctly in the driver config.I also have the
> username and password correct. However, when I try to connect to the
> database, I get the error 
> "[TCX][MyODBC]Host is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server (#1130)"
> I'm sure there is some additional configuration needed. Can anyone help???
> Regards
> Robert
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