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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 8 1999 10:47am
Subject:mySQL 3.23
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>>>>> "Mark" == Mark Papadakis <markp@stripped> writes:

Mark> Hi!
Mark> I was wondering, what's the status of mySQL 3.23 and when 
Mark> is it due for official release?

Mark> Thank you,
Mark> Mark


The current status are:

- My first priority is to ensure that MySQL 3.22 compiles and works on most
  platforms.  (NetBSD should now be fixed, RedHat 6.0 sparc seems to
  work and I am working with HPUX now).

- I have to track one bug in the new MyISAM and implement smart UNIQUE 
  handling  (this shouldn't take more than 2 work days)

- I will use the above UNIQUE code to implement fast DISTINCT
  handling. (estimated time to do this: 1 work day)

- MySQL 3.23 passes all tests except 2 in our standard test suite.  I
  have to fix those before releasing MySQL.

In other words, I see now reason why we couldn't make a release of
this pretty soon (within one week), but if something else creeps up
(we add more tests to our testsuite the whole time), I prefer to
delay the release a couple of days (or even a couple of weeks) more to 
avoid getting too many mails.
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