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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 8 1999 12:50am
Subject:problems getting mysql to run on linuxppc
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>>>>> "John" == John Edstrom <edstrom@stripped> writes:

John> I can build and install mysql 3.22.22 OK on our linux ppc machine.

John> when I run the mysql_install_db script, however, Iget the following
John> response:

John> Creating db table
John> Creating host table
John> Creating user table
John> Creating func table
John> Creating tables_priv table
John> Creating columns_priv table

John> /usr/local/mySQL/libexec/mysqld: Fatal error: Error message file
John> '/usr/local/mySQL/share/mysql/english/errmsg.sys' had only 162 error
John> messages, but it should have at least 163 error messages.
John> Check that the above file is the right version for this program!

John> Installation of grant tables failed!

John> Does anyone know what is going on here?

John> The client works OK and I can use mysql on other machines, but when I
John> try to run the mysql daemon on the ppc I get the same error messages
John> about there not being enough error messages.


The problem is that your error messages files are older than your
mysqld version. If you install a new mysqld file, you also must
install the newest error message file (probably

problems getting mysql to run on linuxppcJohn Edstrom8 Jun
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