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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 8 1999 12:32am
Subject:Infuriating build error: '%-.64s' ... ?
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>>>>> "James" == James Felix Black <jfb@stripped> writes:

James> Hello all,
James> In the course of building MySQL (3.22.22) on Mac OS X Server, I've run
James> into what appears to be some kind of buffer overflow:

James> ERROR 1130: Host '%-.64s' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server

James> The client builds with no errors, and the grant information on the
James> server is correct; in fact, I've added both the FQDN, the
James> '/bin/hostname', and the IP address -- without success.  

James> Is this a Known Problem that has an easy workaround, or am I SOL?


Are you compiling a the MySQL server on MacOS or only the clients?

If you are only testing the clients, you are probably trying to
connect to a MySQL 3.21 server and this MySQL version didn't display
the host name in the above error.  In this case, check the MySQL
manual, section 'Access denied' how to fix the above problem!

Infuriating build error: '%-.64s' ... ?James Felix Black8 Jun
  • Infuriating build error: '%-.64s' ... ?Michael Widenius8 Jun