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From:Sasha Pachev Date:June 7 1999 8:36pm
Subject:Re: Please help me. Thanks
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jessica wrote:
> I am using mysql and have tried to extract my tables to an external text
> file. I used the OUTFILE
> and it did generate the file but it was not on my own directory. Where
> would that usually be?

The location of the file will be the current working directory of
mysqld. When using OUTFILE you should always specify the full path.
However, if you did not, and need to find the file, you can use:

find / -name whaterver_you_named_the_file -print

If your client is not on the same machine as your server, you must do it
on the server.

> Also, I needed to load some tables into my database from a text file and
> have tried to use the
> INFILE as stated in the manual. But do not know where to put that so
> mysql would see it.

Again, specify the full path to the file.

> We are using version 3.21 and the manual talks about a nice LOCAL that
> is not valid there.

The only time LOCAL is useful is when your client and server are on
different machines. 

> Best regards
> Jessica
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