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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 7 1999 7:24pm
Subject:Building 3.22.23b on Linux
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>>>>> "Colin" == Colin Bruce <ccx004@stripped> writes:

Colin> Dear Whoever,
Colin> Linux version 2.2.6
Colin> Slackware distribution version 4.0
Colin> Mysql 3.22.23b

Colin> Configure script fails with the well known error complaining
Colin> about errors in sched.h. The error says that there is a macro
Colin> called _P which should be __P. This is not correct. Sched.h does
Colin> not contain any macros called _P just some called __P so the
Colin> check in configure is wrong I guess.


I have never seen configure being wrong about this!  Please check the
file VERY carefully.  If you can't find anything wrong, then mail it
to me and I will check this throughly!

Colin> I guess this is a beta release since there is a b at the end of the
Colin> version number but I thought it may be of some slight help if I
Colin> tried building mysql on the latest version of slackware. Version
Colin> 3.22.22 builds fine on the same machine.

The 'b' means that we have made 2 temporary versions to some
customers of 3.22.23 and done some small changes before making the
definite release.  It doesn't mean 'beta'.

Colin> best wishes....
Colin> Colin

Building 3.22.23b on LinuxColin Bruce7 Jun
  • Building 3.22.23b on LinuxMichael Widenius7 Jun