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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 7 1999 5:59pm
Subject:Installing mysql on Rhapsody (MacOs ten)
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>>>>> "Safia" == Safia Dziri <safia@stripped> writes:

Safia> Hello!
Safia> I would like to install mysql on a G3 with MacOs X Server.
Safia> MacOS X server is bsd-unix like.

Safia> I load the source 3.22.22 of mysql.
Safia> I run "configure" and the script didn't recognize the os.

Safia> What can I do to make "configure" recognize the rhapsody os???

Safia> Thanks.


MySQL will not work directly with MacOS as MacOS doesn't yet support
Posix threads (According to Apple, they are working on this, but they
don't have a time table for it).

There is a change that Apple may be interested in sponsoring MySQL
development on MacOS; In this case it shouldn't take that long to get
MySQL to work on it.  (The basic work is to create a Posix like layer
on MacOS threads to emulate Posix threads).

Installing mysql on Rhapsody (MacOs ten)Safia Dziri7 Jun
  • Installing mysql on Rhapsody (MacOs ten)Michael Widenius7 Jun