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From:Steve Edberg Date:August 3 2000 6:12am
Subject:Re: AB Newbie question for perl experts!
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I'm sorry, but I can't see the MySQL question here...

At 12:16 AM -0400 8/3/00, Andrew Burt wrote:
>I have a perl script which uses a file called index.cgi to create an index,
>which is stored as the file searchindex.dat. searchindex.dat is used by a
>another file called search.cgi which acts as a search engine.
>index.cgi uses the code below:
># Open and close the words.txt file
>open (WORDS, "words.txt") or medie ("Can't open words.txt - $!");
>my $words = join ('', <WORDS>);
># Close the words.txt file by using its file handle
>close (WORDS);
># what does this do?
>$words =~ s/\r//isg;
>$words =~ s/\n/\|/isg;
>words.txt is a text file with one word on each line like this:
>My questions is what is words.txt used for?

...while I realize that one might be tempted to post all sorts of 
questions here because it is such a responsive list with a high 
signal/noise ratio, too many off-topic posts will reduce that very 

Did you look for answers or perl mailing lists at,, or any other perl site?


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