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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 6 1999 3:10am
Subject:Make file error
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>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Carter <peterc@stripped> writes:

Peter> I have a sparc 1+ with 64 mb ram, with nothing better to do with it that to
Peter> run it as a db server. It's
Peter> OpenBSD 2.5 with EGCS 1.2ish with pthreads in the kernal (finally).

Peter> The problem is, during compile I get.....

Peter> /usr/include/pthread.h:353: warning: #warning "included <pthread.h>
> without
Peter> -pthread compiler option"


Peter> Is there something in my environment that is missing not to turn on the
Peter> -pthread option?
Peter> Is there a quick fix for it?

You have to tell configure to use the -pthread option with something
like this:

CFLAGS=-pthread CXXFLAGS=-pthread ./configure 

Make file errorPeter Carter6 Jun
  • Make file errorMichael Widenius6 Jun