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From:Jesse Trucks Date:June 6 1999 2:31am
Subject:Re: Freebsd stumper with
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Michael Widenius wrote:
> >>>>> "Jesse" == Jesse Trucks <jtrucks@stripped> writes:
> Jesse> I run an app under OpenBSD in FreeBSD Compat mode. The latest binary I got
> Jesse> handed has been compiled needing this library: I
> Jesse> cannot find this file anywhere. I have tried several packages and I cannot
> Jesse> find the correct version of this library. Does anyone know where I can
> Jesse> find a copy of this file already built for FreeBSD?
> Jesse> Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, thank you!
> Hi!
> Which MySQL distribution are you using?
> In the worst case you can always download the MySQL source distribution
> and use compile this.  This will produce the above file!

Actually, I am not running MySQL on that machine at all. I am stuck with
a binary that was compiled using an OLD version of MySQL, and so I cant
run the binary (it is an apache binary) unless I find this library :(

If someone knows where to get the source for this version, i will
install a copy of freebsd JUST to get this binary. My situation is that
I have several thousand dollars worth of server software waiting to be
fully operational just for this one library, so I am getting desperate.

Again, the help is greatly appreciated!

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