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From:Christopher R. Jones Date:August 2 2000 8:17pm
Subject:Re: SEX,mysql and Java Servlets
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The limit clause allows you to specify the offset to the start of the records to retrieve
and the number of records to retrieve.

>Hello everyone,
>Sorry for the title,
>but you got to admit,it got your attention,
>I am a programmer working for a dot com company and
>i've designed a search engine for a
>personals/classifieds project.
>Everything is working fine but i just dont know how to
>do one thing......
>when you search the net you get 30 answers to your
>query adn a link for the balance 
>"Next 30 here"
>how do they do that?
>My search brings all the data in one page,i know by
>using limit i can limit the data but what about the
>Any ideas will be totally appreciated.
>And i promise if any of your ideas work i'll tell you
>guys some jokes that you NEVER heard before,
>i'm desperate and my job hangs in the balance.
>Cheers Ryan.
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