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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 5 1999 7:10pm
Subject:Latest myODBC & iODBC RPMS and 3.23?
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>>>>> "Daevid" == Daevid Vincent <daywalker@stripped> writes:

Daevid> Are these the latest RPM's or is there someplace else to get the newest ones?
Daevid> These are for 3.21 and I'm using 3.22 -- they seem to work, but...

Daevid> Downloads/MySQL-3.21/RPMS/i386
Daevid>         iodbc-2.12-3.i386.rpm (Feb 28 / 0.1MB)
Daevid>         myodbc-2.50.11-1.i386.rpm (Feb 28 / 0.1MB)

Daevid> Also, when is mySQL 3.23 going to be released? I thought it was due a few
> weeks
Daevid> back?


The above are RPM that are contributed by some MySQL users.  If you
want the newest MyODBC distribution (2.50.23), you should compile this 
from source.

About 3.23;  It will be released when MySQL 3.23 completely pass our 
test suite (it still fails on some minor points).

Latest myODBC & iODBC RPMS and 3.23?Daevid Vincent5 Jun
  • Latest myODBC & iODBC RPMS and 3.23?Michael Widenius6 Jun