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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 5 1999 7:37pm
Subject:Re: Realtime mirroring
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>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Freitas <sflist@stripped> writes:

>> Has anyone built a mysql database that one machine couldn't handle?
>> Our current machine is a dual ppro200 and we just can't kill it,
>> and it has only one drive.  In two weeks we are building a dual
>> p3-450 with ICP Raid controller running ultra2 wide drives.  We
>> discussed a mirroring solution but only for redundancy and not
>> performance.  I'm just curious if anyone has maxed out a solid
>> server, and what they were doing to cause it.

Steve> A database we'll be using parts of measures 53 million records
Steve> in its entirety, spans almost 4 gigs, and our application will
Steve> require near-instantaneous response (don't they always?). Now,
Steve> I don't think we'll ever use the whole thing (we'll be starting
Steve> with no more than 500,000 records), but 4 to 8 million records
Steve> is likely. Of course, that still probably wouldn't require a
Steve> second server. As you've discussed, my need now is for
Steve> redundancy, not performance.

Steve> Another idea (for redundancy, not performance): Maybe the MySQL
Steve> databases are installed on a redundant file server pair in a
Steve> failover configuration. So one is passive, the other handles
Steve> all requests. The active one is accessed by one of two MySQL
Steve> servers, these also in a failover configuration.

Steve> The question there is whether the second fileserver could
Steve> successfully mirror the open MySQL database. It's said that you
Steve> can't backup an open MySQL database successfully. That
Steve> limitation would probably preclude doing this. Anyone ever
Steve> successfully backed up an open MySQL database without using a
Steve> SQL function to do it?


We have talked about providing a new SQL command:

copy table table1,table2,table3....  directory

(On must of course have 'file privilege' to be able to do this)

To make it possible to make fast binary backups of used tables to a backup
directory.  This shouldn't be that hard to do.

This isn't perfect as it doesn't allow one to make easy backups to
tape, but is probably a nice first step. Would this be of any help in
your case ?

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