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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 5 1999 7:16pm
Subject:rookie question
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>>>>> "Sanjeeb" == Sanjeeb K Bhuyan <skbhuyan@stripped> writes:

Sanjeeb> Hi,
Sanjeeb>    sorry if this is an elementary question.....I wanted to know if
Sanjeeb> MySQL can be compiled on OS X Server? (based on the BSD kernel)?
Sanjeeb> And if so, can you point me to any relevant documentation?
Sanjeeb>             If someone could provide me with an answer quick, i'd
Sanjeeb> really appreciate it! :)
Sanjeeb>                                  thanx,
Sanjeeb>                                       sanjeeb


Does OS X support posix threads;  If yes, then the source version
of MySQL should be relatively easy to compile.

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