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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 5 1999 8:21pm
Subject:determining space used in an .ISD file?
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>>>>> "Erik" == Erik E Rantapaa <rantapaa@stripped>
> writes:

Erik> Hi folks,

Erik> I've got a database file in which I'm doing a lot of deletes and adds.
Erik> My rows are not fixed length, so I know there is some fragmentation
Erik> going on.  Is there a quick way to determine how much space in
Erik> an .ISD file is actually being used?

isamchk -d full-path-to-.ISM-file

(In MySQL 3.23 you will be able to do this with 'SHOW TABLE STATUS table_name')

Erik> On a related note, if I do an update or replace on a variable-width
Erik> row but I don't change it's overall length, will mysql use the same
Erik> storage area for the new row?


Eric> Or does the answer depend on what indexes
Erik> there are, and if a column involving an index was updated? Or perhaps
Erik> something else...???

determining space used in an .ISD file?Erik E Rantapaa5 Jun
  • determining space used in an .ISD file?Michael Widenius6 Jun