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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 5 1999 12:26pm
Subject:FW: update & timestamp - bug or feature?
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>>>>> "Jay" == Jay Miller <jaymiller@stripped> writes:

Jay> While I think the original message here was a off base calling the behaviour
Jay> of TIMESTAMP buggy, I do think it it would be nice to be able to have a
Jay> column whose DEFAULT was set to NOW().  Nearly all of my pre-MySQL tables
Jay> have a DateCreated column and a LastModified column.  While I can obviously
Jay> modify any INSERT statements to insert NOW() into DateCreated, I would like
Jay> to be able to set the DEFAULT for a column to a non-constant value.  It
Jay> seems that being able to use a function for a default value wouldn't be too
Jay> hard.

Jay> Just something to consider,
Jay> Jay


The problem to allow this now is that the .frm table (that stores the
table create information) doesn't have any room to store this
In MySQL 4.0, when we skip the old .frm format, this will be much

FW: update & timestamp - bug or feature?Jay Miller4 Jun
  • FW: update & timestamp - bug or feature?Michael Widenius5 Jun