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From:Douglas Brantz Date:July 29 2000 6:16pm
Subject:Need Help with displaying links at bottom of Page!
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Trying to submit form buttons or links for displaying extra columns
(which are rooms) from the
database at the bottom of this page, but its not working.  Can anyone
help ?  Instead of diplaying links for rows
I need to limit the amount of columns across.  I'm just testing it with
2 columns across at a time.  What I want is a
lline of buttons at the bottom of the page that would allow the user to
display the next 2 columns etc?  The code for this starts at the bottom
of page.  $page is the beginning column number to look for and $c is the
ending column number.
$b is simply a number for the submit button and $D is the name of the
Day. I am trying to throw the info back to the same file.

Now it is showing 1 button and keeps going back to itself showing the
same data.  I can't get more than 1 button to show at the bottom of the
page and its always #1 and shows the same data?



print $query->end_html;
print " now start the links for the other pages<BR>";

my $method="";
my $action="";
print "<table><tr>";
print $query->startform($method,$action);
my $sth31 = $dbh->prepare("select count(*) from room") or
bail_out("Cannot Connect");
my @carr=();
while (@carr = $sth31->fetchrow)
if ($c <= $allroom){

print $query->hidden(-name=>'dayofweek',-default=>$D);
print $query->hidden(-name=>'room',-default=>$c);
print $query->hidden(-name=>'page',-default=>$page);
print "<td>";
print "<BR><font color=\"red\">";
print $query->submit(-name=> $b );
print "</td>";
print "</tr></table>";
print $query->endform;
print "<A Href=\"\">( Back to schedule Menu )</a>";
print "\&nbsp\;\&nbsp\;";
print "<A href=\"\"> (Back to Main Menu) </a>";
print $query->end_html;


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Need Help with displaying links at bottom of Page!Douglas Brantz29 Jul