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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 18 1999 12:32am
Subject:MySQL 3.22.19b locking on Solaris 2.6
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>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Schilling <pschill@stripped> writes:

Paul> Between Feb 8th and last night we have experienced 4 lockups by the mysql
Paul> server.  Once locked up the safe_mysql and 1 mysqld process are still
Paul> running but you can not connect to the server.

Paul> A ps shows this:
Paul> <user>   17001  0.0  0.2  868  240 ?        S   Mar 09  0:00 /bin/sh
Paul> /.../mysql/bin/safe_mysqld --log=/.../MYSQL/query.log
Paul> <user>   17012  0.0  9.31925617712 ?        S   Mar 09 45:12
Paul> /.../mysql-3.22.19b/libexec/mysqld --basedir=/.../mysql-3.22.19b
Paul> --datadir=/.../mysql-3.22.19b/var --log=/.../MYSQL/query.log

Paul> Each of the lockups occurred at about 1:20am after at least a week of
Paul> mysql uptime.  Nothing is croned for that time.  It also happened on a
Paul> different weekday each time.  Other server information did not show anything
Paul> out of the ordinary at this time.

Paul> 3 of the 4 lockups were while running the prebuilt 3.21.33b Solaris
Paul> 2.6 binary.  The 4th was a mysql 3.22.19b I build w/ --with-debug and
Paul> -ggdb. A gcore followed by gdb didn't show anything useful. The machine is a
Paul> SPARC 20.

Paul> If any more information is needed please contact me.


Did you get a back trace from gdb?

Can you verify from the log if it's some specific query that
kills mysqld ?

Please check your tables with isamchk -s */*.ISM !

Did you read the MySQL manual entry 'What to do if 'MySQL' keeps
crashing' ?  We have tried to put a lot of useful information in this 
chapter to help locate this kind of problems.

Any change you can run mysqld under gdb to get a proper back trace
when this happens?


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