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From:Sasha Pachev Date:June 4 1999 7:41pm
Subject:Re: Realtime mirroring
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sflist wrote:
> >Fibre channel is a pretty mature technology; GFS less so. This all hinges on
> >the ability of GFS to efficiently arbitrate multiple systems' writes to the
> >same filesystem, which may be a pipe dream. That said, there are other
> >contenders like SGI's XFS that might do the job.
> Hmmm, it's an interesting concept. So, how do we find out whether GFS can
> handle it?
> As an alternative, how about using Postgre with its triggers and stored
> procedures?
> >There isn't a lot of time required to develop this "proprietary" (weird
> choice
> >of words since it's composed of open source solutions) scheme other than
> >building a Linux kernel with support for fibre channel and the right
> >filesystems.
> Sorry, "proprietary" was the wrong choice of words, but highly customized
> would be more like it. I know you don't see it as being very customized,
> but call me a cynic; I don't feel like I could sit down with GFS, Fibre
> Channel, and a pile of machines and get it working in short order.
> Although that's probably more a reflection on my lack of skills and
> experience than anything else. ;-)
> Steve Freitas
> Newport Beach, California


As you probably know, something cannot be created out of
nothing. A solution/package will not be easy to install
just because you paid more money for it. Whichever way
you go, you do have to have the skills. It is true, that
some packages require more skills than others. Some
packages that you pay for actually require less skill to
administer than the ones that are free or cost very
little, but this is not always the case. As for myself,
I would rather improve my skills than convince the
management to buy a package that requires less skill to
get to work, for the following reasons:

- Improved skills mean wider job opportunities
- The management may actually consider giving you some
of the money they saved by not buying the expensive
- The more skills your job requires, the harder it is to
replace you - job security

Running stuff that could be maintained by a low-skilled
person is not in your interest, if you are not one.
Otherwise, the management will try to replace you with
someone who would work for less money.

Sasha Pachev (home) (work)
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