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From:Paul DuBois Date:June 4 1999 3:17pm
Subject:Re: new at mysql / linux
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At 10:00 AM -0500 6/4/99, Ken Dalton wrote:
>I am trying to find out what version of MYSQL to install on my Pentium II
>350 mhz computer. I would like an RPM version since I am very new to Linux.
>Can someone help me out with what version I would need (actually what link)

Links for downloads are listed at:

RPM files are listed on this page.  If you're installing from RPMs,
you may need to install more than one to get all the pieces you need.
There are RPM files for: the server; the clients; benchmarks and tests;
development support (client libraries and header files for writing your
own clients); source (if you want to build the other RPMs).

If you want to run a server, install both the server and client RPM files.
If you're going to access a server on another machine, you can get away
with installing only the client RPM.  If you want to write your own
programs, you'll need the development RPM.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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