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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 17 1999 11:13pm
Subject:Re: libmysqlclient.a is broken
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>>>>> "Mike" == Mike McLagan <mmclagan@stripped> writes:

Mike> On Wed, 17 Mar 1999 14:11:40 +0200 (EET), Michael Widenius wrote:
>> In the old distributed binary libmysqlclient.a file, we included the used
>> libgcc.a library to get less problems.  With RPM:s we don't do this
>> and this could be the source for your problem.

Mike> I should never have to specify libgcc.a to link something.  That seems somewhat 
Mike> absurd that I would have to manually include the compilers helper library into 
Mike> a program I just finished building.

Mike> Even if you did include it in the previous version, it shouldn't need to be 
Mike> there.

The above is only true if all your programs are compiled with the same 
compiler.  With RPM:s this isn't always the case!

Sorry, but this is the disadvantage of using dynamic loadable modules.

Mike> The more important question is, why does the __ucmpdi2 symbol show up only with 
Mike> 3.22.XX builds of mod_auth_mysql ?

Can you check which file requires the above symbol:

For me:

(~) nm /usr/lib/mysql/libmysqlclient.a | grep ucmpdi2

Which should mean that this isn't a problem with the MySQL RPM !

Mike> Besides, when linked with libgcc.a and a 3.22.XX libmysqlclient Apache will 
Mike> segfault within libperl.a (called by  When linked with 3.21.32 
Mike> Apache is perfectly happy to let mod_auth_mysql and mod_perl co-exist.

Mike> FWIW, mysql-devel-3.21.32a-1.i386.rpm and mysql-client-3.21.32a-1.i386.rpm do 
Mike> not contain a private copy of libgcc.a  (I just redownlaoded and verified that 
Mike> neither contains the lib).

Sorry, but I don't know how the above two RPM:s are made.

>> Have you compiled apache with the same compiler you compiled Apache?

Mike> Yes.

>> What kind of MySQL distribution are you using.

Mike> 3.22.20a.src.rpm + mysql.index500.patch

Sounds ok.

>> Are you linking with or libmysqlclient.a ?

Mike> I'm using your RPM, your spec file, so no .so is generated.

>> Which glibc version are you using?  The one that should work is:
shell> rpm -q glibc
>> glibc-2.0.7-29

Mike> 2.0.7-19 the latest for RH 5.1

glibc 2.0.7-29 works exellent also on RH 5.2

>> If you are using binary RPM:s, one way out is to use source RPM:s for
>> MySQL and Apache.

Mike> I have recompiled all of it on the machine in question.  Apache, MySQL, 
Mike> mod_perl, mod_auth_mysql.  About the only thing I haven't compiled is Perl but 
Mike> I see no need because it works otherwise.

This could still be a perl / glibc problem.  If everything else is
compiled with the same compiler, except perl, it's extremely likely
that this is the source of your problems.


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