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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 17 1999 7:49pm
Subject:Numbers / Database / C-API
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>>>>> "Fred" == Fred T Krogh <fkrogh@stripped> writes:

Fred> Would it be reasonable to provide a function that returns an array of
Fred> generic pointers for the result set of a query, with it being the users
Fred> responsibilty to use the appropriate casts to get the values for the
Fred> individual columns?   And if similar functions were provided for
Fred> storing data into the database,  one would not need to convert from
Fred> numbers to strings (to get into mysql) then to numbers (inside mysql),
Fred> then to strings to get them back, then back to numbers to use them after

Fred> getting them out of the database.   Clearly things would be more
Fred> efficient with such functions, and in the case of floating point one
Fred> could be sure that data values are preserved.

Fred> I'm guessing all of this would be pretty easy to do, although
Fred> documenting it may take significantly more time.  (E
Fred> you don't have to do it!)

Fred> In the meantime -- I really am a happy user.  (Payment when I finally
Fred> get a site up on the web.)

Fred> Regards,
Fred>          Fred
Fred> fkrogh@stripped


We have thought about the above (it's even on the TODO) and we will
in the future implement something like the above.
(It will however not be that much more efficient than the current
protocol, you will however get higher precision for float/double

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