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From:Douglas Brantz Date:July 24 2000 3:31am
Subject:Re: NOOOO
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You should be able to keep your httpd up and running the entire time without
having to stop it for mysql.
So, first get that going again if you havn't already.

My httpd is located in /usr/sbin - so cd /usr/sbin
now give the ./httpd restart  and your web service should be up and running

Mysql stuff --------

Now,  if you need to shut down the mysql server by either killing the process.
ps ax  will show a list of processes and then type kill and the process number
of mysql.

or you can issue the mysqladmin shutdown command if it lets you.

Shut down the server (you may need to use 'kill -KILL $PID').  Start
it up using the -Sg (skip grant tables) option.  Change your password.
Shut down the server again, and start it normally.

to change the password type mysql mysql at the prompt with no host username or
because you shouldn't need them.

At the mysql prompt type describe user - this should describe your user table.
then alter what you need.  ex. update user set Password("newpassword") where
"username" could be root or what ever user you need to change the password on.

Then exit mysql with exit;  and reload the permissions table with mysqladmin
reload  or you might
have to restart mysql all together?  I'm new at this too.  You could try
mysqladmin restart ?
but anytime you change the mysql permissions table you need to issue the
mysqladmin reload to update the permissions.

Hope all this works - let me know.  Sorry I took so long to get back to you but
I was went to see
Arlo Guthrie and just got back - great story teller and singer.


Daren Cotter wrote:

> This isn't working folks...
> I killed mysql and httpd. When I restart mysql using
> (mysqld --skip-grant-tables) it runs under the "root" user instead of
> mysql...dunno if that matters or not. Anway, I issue the following command:
> mysqladmin -h localhost -u root password 'my_pass';
> And I get:
> mysqladmin: unable to change password; error: 'You must have privileges to
> update tables in the mysql database to be able to change passwords for
> others'
> I'm very desperate to resolve this as my website is down at this
> moment...please help!
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> > I've done the same thing before -
> > simply start the mysql server without permissions.  Check the
> documentation at the mysql site or online.
> > Once your in you can alter the mysql permissions table to fix the problem.
> >
> > Douglas
> >
> > Daren Cotter wrote:
> >
> > > I was attempting to change my root password to mysql and now I cannot
> get in!
> > >
> > > The command I typed was: update user set Password="my_pass" where
> user="root";
> > >
> > > and now "my_pass" will not allow me to connect! I have root access on
> the server, can someone please tell me what I need to do???
> >
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