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From:Paul DuBois Date:July 24 2000 1:19am
Subject:Re: NOOOO
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At 7:24 PM -0700 2000-07-23, Daren Cotter wrote:
>trouble is, i did reload it  =(

Ah.  Bummer.  Looking more closely at your query, I see now the
problem is that you said set Password="my_pass" rather than
set Password=PASSWORD("my_pass") -- so your password is who knows
what.  You'll need to kill the server and restart with --skip-grant-tables,
then set the password properly and restart without --skip-grant-tables.

>Daren Cotter
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>>  At 6:33 PM -0700 2000-07-23, Daren Cotter wrote:
>>  >I was attempting to change my root password to mysql and now I cannot get
>>  >
>>  >The command I typed was: update user set Password="my_pass" where
>>  >
>>  >and now "my_pass" will not allow me to connect! I have root access
>>  >on the server, can someone please tell me what I need to do???
>>  Connect using your old password and issue a FLUSH PRIVILEGES statement.
>>  You have changed the grant tables, but not told the server to reread the
>>  new table contents.  You can also use "mysqladmin reload" from the command
>>  line.
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