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From:Van Date:June 3 1999 11:05pm
Subject:Re: Dates in MySQL
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"Christopher R. Jones" wrote:
> I am not sure about other SQL databases but Visual Foxpro checks SQL
> inserts for valid dates and if the date is invalid, a null value is
> inserted.  For example
> INSERT into datatest (date1) values ("1997,02,29") creates the new record
> but inserts a null value in the date1 field.
I side with Sasha on this one.  I'm doing development on an HP-UX 64-bit
(and a 32-bit) 11.00 system with Informix 7.3 installed.  Regardless of
process (dbaccess or 4gl, or compiled c apps), the performance on simple
queries, inserts, and unions on the MySQL I'm using on a P333 blows the
HP away.  This is about a $100K machine with 4 CPU's and 4 Gig of RAM.  

Foxpro, on the other hand....  Well, we won't go into that.

If you want date validation, add it into the code.  Or, you could keep
the performance MySQL is so adept at, and program well.  The APIs you
have to work with are far more numerous than the FoxPro forms
implemenation.  And, each one will have different error-reporting
behavior to the end-user.

I see this as a huge feature.  Not a huge burden.

My $.02.
Linux rocks!!!
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