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From:Paul DuBois Date:March 17 1999 8:38pm
Subject:Re: Error with batch files
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At 2:28 PM -0600 3/17/1999, Levy Carneiro Jr. wrote:
>	Hi,
>	I maked a batch file with SQL commands to create a table in a
>database. Here is a example from the file:
>------ here begins ------
># batch.mysql
>CREATE TABLE document_config_table (
>  body_bg_color text(999),
>  body_background_file text(999),
>  body_text_color text(999),
>  body_link_color text(999),
>  body_vlink_color text(999),
>  body_alink_color text(999),
>  document_id double,
>  horde_user_id double(FK) (IE)
>------ here ends ------
>	When I tries the following command appears an error:
>[server:~] mysql table_name -p < batch.mysql
>Enter password: ********
>ERROR 1064 at line 4: You have an error in your SQL sysntax near '(999),
>  body_background_file text(999),
>  body_text_color text(999),
>  body_lin' at line 2
>	Does somebody know what is wrong?

The TEXT type doesn't take a length.  Use TINYTEXT, TEXT, MEDIUMTEXT,
or LONGTEXT, depending on the maximum length you require.  See chapter
7 of the MySQL manual for discussion of TEXT types and storage

By the way, what is "horde_user_id double(FK) (IE)" in your CREATE
TABLE statement supposed to indicate?

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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