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From:Adrian Phillips Date:July 21 2000 2:04pm
Subject:Re: SSH
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>>>>> "Bob" == Bob Schulze <b-schulze@stripped> writes:

    Bob> Folks, I guess this is out of scope.  Anyway, I'am still
    Bob> searching for a command line (only) tool that does not
    Bob> require me to put a password for an initial server
    Bob> connection. All ssh compilations I found, altough allowing
    Bob> for ssh -Lport:host:port ...  still ask for a server login.

    Bob> This way I could deploy mysql client apps with connection
    Bob> details hidden...

    Bob> Stefano Vedovelli wrote:
    >>  Hello
    >> does anybody knows where to get a free SSH for win32?
    >> Thanks Stefano

Generate a key using ssh-keygen and no passphrase. Copy the public key
to the server, in ~user/.ssh/authorized_keys, then you should be able
to ssh user@server without problems. Use ssh -v to debug.


Adrian Phillips

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