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From:Martin B. Jespersen Date:June 3 1999 10:47am
Subject:Re: HELP!!! php 3.0.8 + apache 1.3.6 + mysql 3.22.22 == disaster
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Michael Widenius wrote:
> >>>>> "Martin" == Martin B Jespersen <Martin@stripped>
> writes:
> Martin> Hi all,
> Martin> I have just installed php 3.0.8/apache 1.3.6/MySQL 3.22.22 on my
> Sparc/solaris 2.6,
> Martin> and now i get 'bus error' and segmentationfault all the time in the apache
> error_log
> Martin> and alot of 'document missing' or MySQL errors in the web browser.
> Martin> Before i had php 3.0.6/apache 1.3.4/MySQL 3.22.20a and it ran without
> problems, and i used the exact same compile options for both
> Martin> setups.
> Martin> Can anyone help me? i am a few days from deadline, and i don't know what
> to do.
> Martin> PS. before you tell me to convert back to the old setup, know that i need
> some bugfixes in php3.0.8.
> Hi!
> Please repost with mysqlbug script + a full example of your problem,
> including a full test that also shows any possible error messages.
> (For example;  Which program dumps core would help a lot).
> Check that you didn't accidently compile PHP with old MySQL include
> file while linking with the new MySQL library.
> You can find information how to do a correct bug report at:
> PLEASE read the above before reposting your question, this will save us all
> a lot of time!
> Sorry for the short answer, but as we get a couple of hundred mails/day
> we don't have time to answer questions that are already documented
> or doesn't contain all information needed to give a quick exact answer.
> Yours,
> Monty

The problem wasn't with MySQL which was evident after i reinstalled apache 1.3.4 with php
3.0.7 but kept MySQL 3.22.22, and all
problems stopped.
Usually i would have looked thoroughly for the error and made bugreports, but as i wrote,
then time was a major factor here, så i
didn't have any time...

So although i don't know what caused the problems, i think it is safe to conclude that
they were not really related to MySQL.

To support this theory, i have heard other who has experienced a lot of segfaults with
apache 1.3.6/php 3.0.8 on solaris 2.6 and
solaris 2.7.

Thanks for your time though :)

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