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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 3 1999 5:11am
Subject:High Performance
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>>>>> "Josafat" == Josafat Timotius <timmy@stripped> writes:

Josafat> Hii..
Josafat> My Name is Timmy, i'm new here. I join this list because i have several
Josafat> project that use mysql for database. Shortly, I have a 500 MHZ PIII,
Josafat> with 8GB RAID and 384 MB of memory, OS is RedHat 6, and the latest Mysql
Josafat> binary i686 distribution with data aproximately 100.000 of record.
Josafat> I'm not realy satisfied with the Mysql Performance for query, that join
Josafat> 2-4 table, sometimes the proccess idle. I already try to increase several
Josafat> parameter like sort_buffer, join_buffer ....this is my startup command :

Josafat> ./bin/safe_mysqld -O key_buffer=64M -O table_cache=128 \
Josafat>            -O sort_buffer=64M -O record_buffer=64M \
Josafat>            -O tmp_table_size=64M -O join_buffer=64M --skip-locking & 

Josafat> Is that enough to get the best performance for my machine ? Or maybe
Josafat> somone can sugest me better configuration ?

Josafat>                 Josafat Timotius - Teknis

One problem is that your buffers are too big:  Allocating too big
not shared buffers will only slow down things!

Try instead:

./bin/safe_mysqld -O key_buffer=64M -O table_cache=128 \
      -O sort_buffer=2M -O record_buffer=2M \
      -O tmp_table_size=8M -O join_buffer=2M --skip-locking & 

To be able to help you, we need some examples of queries that you
think are too slow.  Please check the MySQL manual how to optimize
your queries;  Remember to use EXPLAIN on all your queries!

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