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From:Eric Savage Date:March 17 1999 8:12pm
Subject:Record size
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We are planning a messaging database, and we would like to allow messages
to be up to 500 kilobytes. We will be splitting it amongst tables to keep
the file sizes below 2G, but what I would like to know is if MySQL can
perform well with such large fields?  I know the mediumblob/mediumtext
type will hold this much, I would just like to know if there are any
special considerations that we would need to make when building this?
Does anyone know of any email/messaging packages that are available out
there?  No sense reinventing the wheel if we can avoid it.

Also, are there any plans to test/port MySQL to OSX now that it is open
source?  Apparently it performs equal or better than other *nix systems
for many tasks.


Eric Savage
Record sizeEric Savage17 Mar
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